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Our Shul

Our Shul

Start your day with Tefillin, it will make your entire day more spiritual.

Morning Shacharit Service: 8:00 AM
Mincha/Maariv Service: 5:30 PM*

*Confirming the time is recommended.
call (858) 531-4266

Friday Nights: 6:30 PM
Shabbat Morning: 10:00 AM

Check out the Calendar for upcoming Dinners and Kiddushim.
Wondering what "Friday Night Live" is?
It's Cool, It's Fun, It's traditional, meanigful.

Its for the Family!
We are excited to wish our friends HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
A designated Shabbat each month will give us this opportunity to celebrate!
Every Child under Bar or Bat Mitzvah will get a present. Please Sign up Here!
Are you in the loop?

Be sure to be updated on all the fun events for the family.

You can even RSVP quickly and easily!
Join women of various ages and backgrounds to socialize, learn, laugh, and recharge.

SAVE THE DATE- for the first
Ladies Indulgence Evening.
Sponsor a Kiddush in honor of a birthday, yahrtzeit anniversary or any other occasion.

As your son nears the age of Bar Mitzvah, Prepare him right! Its more then a memorization of a recital. Private tutoring available.

Choose from an array of different classes and topics.