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Adult Education

Adult Education




Spring Semester 2010 - "Beyond Never Again"

"How The Holocauset Speaks To Us Tody".
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You never had so much fun learning!

Every Tuesday, with Rabbi Motte Fradkin
7:30 PM
Drop off your kids in school, learn something refreshing!

Parsha Class at 8:15 - 9:00 AM
Halacha (Code of Jewish Law) compromises the practical application of the commandments in the Torah.

Daily between the Afternoon and Evening services.
Looking to learn something specific? We will be glad to explore any avenue in Judaism with you.
Lunch N Learn on Miramar.
Casual and refreshing learning with other women.
The weekly Torah reading - for all ages
A comprehensive presentation of the weekly Torah reading, including translations, summaries and overviews, Rashi in English, and anthology of classical commentaries, essays based on the teachings of the chassidic masters, a wide selection of contemporary "Parshah Columnists," audio classes and a "Family Parshah" section for kids
Always featuring someone unique who will surely fascinate the crowd.