Minyan Schedule:

(Sunday - Friday) 






8:00 AM

7:30 PM

Following Minchah

A Minyan is quorum of 10 men, over the age of 13. A Minyan is needed to read from the Torah with a blessing and to say the Kaddish.

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Why are 10 men needed for a Minyan?

Once there was a small town consisting of only a few Jewish families. Between them, they had exactly ten men over the age of bar mitzvah. They were all dedicated people and they made sure that they never missed a minyan. One day, a new Jewish family moved in to town. Great joy and excitement; now they would have eleven men. But a strange thing happened. As soon as they had eleven, they could never manage a minyan!

When we know we are indispensable, we make a point of being there. Otherwise, "count me out."


Commit yourself to coming to the Minyan, even once a week? This way can assure that Chabad of Scripps Ranch Minyan will stay strong, and start and end promptly.

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