Kosher Restaurants

Catering by The Place -








10785 Pomerado Road
San Diego, CA 92131
(858) 549-7000







The Grille Restaurant & Emet Kosher Market
6548 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA 92115










The Place at the JCC (Meat)
4126 Executive Dr.
La Jolla, CA 92037
(858) 362-1353 









Catering by Charles Rubin-








(619) 583-1636









Ralph's in La Jolla
8657 Villa La Jolla Drive
  - (858) 597-1550 #2232

Ralph's is a regular chain supermarket with a Kosher deli selection and large kosher section. 


Please remember: It is up to the consumer to verify the Kosher information of any establishment by requesting to see a copy of the kashrut certification.