Kids Mega Challa Bake

Kids Mega Challa Bake
Gathering together, through unity with power of the children one can accomplish great things.

A Mega Challa Bake specifically for the children. An event sure to bring joy, and hapiness to every child young or old.

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Event Info:
Please use the form below to reserve your spot. Adults and Children need tickets. After you select how many tickets you would like to purchase, the following page will prompt you to fill in attendees names and ages. You will chose your own seats, on the right hand corner the seating map is visible.

You are able to donate by using one of the preset amount below OR on the following page you can chose any amount. Any amount, will go a long way and be in the merit of a speedy and complete Refua for Lior Rivkah Bat Eden.

Kids Mega Challa Bake    Mar 19, 2017
 Reservations for this event segment is closed.